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Bears Athletics

Coe-Brown Northwood Academy

Bears Athletics

Coe-Brown Northwood Academy

Team News.

Team News

4 days ago @ 11:30AM

Pre-Season Team Meetings

Pre-Season Team Meeting will be held according ot below.  All interested in joining the CBNA Track and Field Team should attend.

  • Boys Thursday May 15th in the Multipurpose Room @ 2:45
  • Girls Friday May 16th in the Multipurpose Room @ 2:45

Team News

11 months ago @ 10:21AM

Home Meet Order of Events


RUNNING EVENTS – girls followed by boys, unless combined Rolling schedule beginning at 4:15pm 
100 M - Finals 
1600 M - Finals 
4x100m Relay - Finals 
400 m - Finals 
300m Intermediate Hurdles - Finals 
800 m - Finals 
200 m - Finals 
3200 m - Finals 
4x400 m - Finals 

FIELD EVENTS-  Finals beginning at 4:00pm 
Boys High Jump   followed by   Girls

Boys Triple Jump   followed by   Boys Long Jump

Girls Triple Jump   followed by   Girls Long Jump

Boys Javelin   followed by   Girls

Girls Discus  followed by   Boys

Pole Vault   (girls and boys combined)  
 Girls Shot Put will begin 4:30, or so, followed by boys.  


Team News

11 months ago @ 8:50PM

Results! & Thanks!

Thanks to all who came to support the kids today!  Special thanks to everyone who volunteered! There is absolutely no way we could pull off this event without your help!  We have a great number of new athletes trying a new sport this season.  We will continue experimenting next week with hopes of finding their best events.  Next week is a much smaller meet, we anticipate being done close to an hour earlier!


Team News

9 months ago @ 12:26PM

No Practice Today, Monday June 5th

Please do a run on your own!

Team News

9 months ago @ 8:33AM

Track and Field Banquet Postponed to Thursday

Hello all,

Due to the weather and our overwhelming desire to have the celebration outside, the 'banquet' has been postponed until Thursday, June 8th @ 5:30 up at the track.  Same information applied with a large emphasis on returning of uniforms!!!  Especially graduated seniors!!!  PLEASE RETURN YOUR UNIFORMS!!!

Thanks so much!  

Team News

9 months ago @ 9:12PM

Info Links and Preview for Saturday
Team News

9 months ago @ 12:13PM

Seacoast and Schedule for the Week

Seacoast Champs  - congrats to all

Schedule this week - with Baccalureate and Graduation, we will be efficient with practice on Tuesday and Friday. Both days, practice will be over by no later than 5:00pm.

All other days, 5:30.


Team News

10 months ago @ 11:46AM

Team being Introduced at Assembly Tomorrow!

Hello all,

Please pass the word that the team will be introduced at assembly tomorrow morning?  They are to wear something with Coe-Brown Track and Field on it (uniform, shirt, hoody).  

Thanks so much!

Team News

10 months ago @ 2:27PM

Merrimack Invitational!

Tomorrow is the Merrimack Invitational.  You all have been awesome with signing out kids when taking them home yourselves, please continue doing so.  This is one of the more competitive meets we do during the year, against mostly Division 1 schools.  BTW - it is at Merrimack High School in Merrimack, NH off of the Everett Turnpike, NOT Merrimack Valley.


Team News

10 months ago @ 2:24PM


Thanks to all who came and either volunteered or supported the CBNA Track and Field teams over the course of this season!  It truly has been another great year and could not be done unless you all are involved!  Thanks so much!

Yesterday's Results

Team News

10 months ago @ 8:29PM

Concession Stand Help - Last Meet!


Our last home meet is on Tuesday and because of everyone’s help and generous donations the concession stand is pretty well stocked. We could use the following items if you are able to contribute:

- Gatorade
- Whole Fruit - apples, oranges, bananas

Please let us know if you can donate items or if you can help in the concession stand by emailing Jackie Snow at

Thank you again and Go Bears!!

-Jackie Snow and Doreen Mathison

Team News

10 months ago @ 12:46PM

Last Home Meet Tuesday May 9th! Jobs List!

Hi all,

In spite of our weather challenges, we still have 1 more meet to host this coming Tuesday!  This is quite the special one as it is a time to celebrate our seniors!  For those that have yet to experience this, each senior is allowed ot choose 1 event they have always wanted to try!  

Please take a look at the jobs list and RSVP to Coach Cox (click on his name!).  Just because someone's name is listed, it does not mean the event/job is full. We just left the names on there from the last meet!

Jobs List

Thanks so much!

Team News

10 months ago @ 12:31PM

Practice Canceled Today, Friday, May 5th

Practice Canceled Today, Friday, May 5th

Practice is still on for Saturday - 9-11:00AM.

Team News

10 months ago @ 9:59AM

Clipper Relays

Our Facebook page has a link to all the information regarding the meet itself.  Same procedure applies for signing kids out today.  Concessions are available for food!  Should be a fun meet!

Team News

10 months ago @ 7:44PM

Reminders for Tomorrow

As you all know our next meet is tomorrow in Souhegan.  We have never been to a meet there before.  We are hoping to be home as close to 8pm as possible, but we cannot be sure.  Nevertheless, we will have the kids call when we are about 30 minutes away from CBNA.  Please try to be there on time for pick up.

Few Reminders:

  • kids who are going to the meet should wear field trip attire to school
  • Please sign out your athlete if you are taking them home directly from the meet.  Sign out sheet will be at the table under the team tent.
  • kids should bring plenty of food as we will not be stopping on the way home for dinner (school night).

Thanks so much!

Team News

10 months ago @ 6:31PM


THANK YOU to all who volunteered, donated and/or simply supported the kids of the track and field teams yesterday at the Black Bear Invitational!!!  Without you, we simply could not showcase our community by holding the Black Bear Invitational annually! Below is the link to an article, results and livestream!

Thanks so much!

Team News

10 months ago @ 8:25PM

Parking, Parking, Parking...attention Track Athletes

Due to the dampness of the lower fields, parking is going to be a challenge this year.  We are asking for all CBNA track and field athletes, who drive, to please park up top on the dirt road adjacent to the baseball field. They can continue to park all the way into the woods on the cross country course trail until the hill.  Please carpool as much as possible, and drive carefully, especially when parking!

Thanks so much!!!  We are as ready as we are going to be!  Looking forward to hosting 1000+ athletes representing 50+ schools!


Team News

10 months ago @ 7:39PM

More Volunteers Needed! Especially Parking!

Hello all!

Final Stretch! Still need some volunteers for parking and a few miscellaneous jobs!  Please check the

Update Jobs List!    Then email Coach Cox!

We have over a thousand athletes from 50 schools represented!!!

Thanks so much!

Team News

10 months ago @ 7:33PM

Concession Stand Help Needed!!!

Hello - we could use more help with the concession stand for Saturday's Black Bear meet. All proceeds from the concession stand support the track and field program and this is our primary fund raiser of the season.

We would love additional donations of the following:

Crock Pot Meals
Baked Goods (homemade or store bought)
Whole Fruit

Please email Jackie Snow at if you can donate items. Also, we are still looking for folks to take a shift in the concession stand.

Thank you again and Go Bears!

-Jackie Snow and Doreen Mathison

Team News

10 months ago @ 6:39AM

2017 Black Bear Jobs!

Hello all!  This Saturday we will be hosting the largest invitational in the state with close to 40 schools represented!  Even with this number of schools, we anticipate being done between 3 and 4 pm.  With this being our only fundraiser, we hope you can find the time to come and help in some form or fashion.  With athletes, teachers, parents, local businesses, and police involved, this event truly does take a village to manage at a level the rest of the state has come to expect, but gives us an opportunity to showcase our awesome community!

Here is the Jobs List.  Please take a look, and if you are already listed, please RSVP.  If not, please volunteer by emailing Coach Cox.  We purposely overload each field event, so you can take breaks as needed (especially when your athlete is competing!!!).  Besides parking (very important), we will be having a volunteer meeting at 8:15 am.

Below is some information from Jackie Snow and the Snack Shack!

Hello Track and Field Families! 

This Saturday, April 29th, is the Black Bear Invitational! This is a large meet and we expect close to 40 schools and many, many people in attendance. 

For this meet we do quite a bit more with the concession stand including "crockpot" meals. In the past we have had breakfast casseroles, mac-n-cheese, soups, stews, chili, pulled pork, meatballs and many more delicious hot food items. These items are a big hit and very appreciated by the people who attend Black Bear. We also grill breakfast sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers and cheeseburgers. 

We are looking for the following donations for Saturday:

Crockpot meals
Individually wrapped baked goods (homemade or store bought) - always a big hit!
Whole fruit - apples, bananas, oranges
Chips, Pretzels, Goldfish, Granola Bars
Pop-Tarts and Bagels
Cases of Water

We also need folks to help out at the concession stand. Please volunteer to take a 30 minute shift if you can. We will make sure you see your athlete compete. 

If you can donate items and/or help at the concession stand, please contact Jackie Snow by responding to this email or at

Thank you again for your continued support and generosity! GO BEARS!

-Jackie Snow and Doreen Mathison


Team News

10 months ago @ 8:54PM


Many hands make light work ... 

Nine years ago my oldest son started at Coe-Brown.  I remember that first email I got from the track coaches saying they needed volunteers for the meets.  I knew nothing about track and I was a little nervous about volunteering but I couldn't see sitting on the sidelines when help was needed.  Besides, this was an opportunity to get to know some of my son's team mates and coaches better.  I was welcomed to high jump by a veteran parent and a coach who filled me in on the basics.  I'm pretty sure that I've volunteered at every meet since then finally settling in at pole vault.

We've had two small meets in the last two weeks and the volunteer list has yet to be filled.  These weeknight meets can be tough for some parents to help at as they struggle to get to the school after work. 

Thankfully, we have some dedicated teachers who volunteer their time to help out. What many may not realize, however, is that having these meets at home means our kids don't have to travel in the middle of the week. 

After the last meet, our family was home, showered, and eating dinner by 7 o'clock! That's such a great thing when there's still homework looming.

On Saturday April 29th, we will be hosting the Black Bear Invitational.  This is a huge meet with lots of schools and athletes participating and it requires many volunteers to make everything run smoothly. There is truly something that everyone can do.  A meet as big as Black Bear simply can't be run by the same number of people who have helped out the past two weeks.  Please take a look at the list when it comes out.  There are spots for folks to grill burgers and dogs, help in the concession stand, work on the field at an event, do some timing, guard the gates. 

Coaches, athletes, and parents always comment on how much they like coming to this meet because of how well run it is (and how great the food is).

I'm in my ninth of ten years with children in the track and cross country programs.  I've had the opportunity to meet some amazing athletes from around the state, some interesting and dedicated coaches, and some really cool parents.  As a family we've had great dinner time conversations about different athletes and I can participate in these conversations because I KNOW these kids.  I understand the sport because I've been a part of it.  I've been there in the rain, heat, and even snow.  I'm asking you to please consider volunteering just a little bit of your time to help make this year's Black Bear the best one yet.

Thanks so much,

Beth Nelson


Team News

10 months ago @ 8:40PM

Results from today and Thanks to all!

Thank you to all who came out to support the kids today! Special thanks to those who volunteered!  Below are the results!

Results Home Meet #2
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